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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The wheelbarrel legend

There was a man who had worked at a factory for twenty years. Every night when he left the plant, he would push a wheelbarrow full of straw to the guard at the gate.

The guard would look through the straw, and find nothing and pass the man through.

On the day of his retirement the man came to the guard as usual but without the wheelbarrow.

Having become friends over the years, the guard asked him, "Charlie, I've seen you walk out of here every night for twenty years. I know you've been stealing something. Now that you're retired, tell me what it is. It's driving me crazy."

Charlie simply smiled and replied, "Okay, wheelbarrows!"

I hate my parents!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I am not convinced you're an actual archeologist

I am not convinced you're an actual archeologist

Welcome To 2010 !

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Hello Friend,

2009 is going 2 finish

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Now, we need to face 2010

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There may be risks involved

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We may need to face roadblocks

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

passive aggressive orange

How The Wizard of Oz Should Have Ended

8 Funny Technology Boxes

Isn't this one a cutie? A Bento box specially designed for Linux fans.(Link)

This colorful Super Mario's Bento box not only looks amazing but very healthy!

Nintendo DS Bento. (Link)

A cool design for gaming geeks, an Xbox 360 inspired Bento lunch.(Link)

Robot from Penny Arcade (Link)

With a bit of imagination, these French fries, meatballs, and rice look just like a cool Big Daddy.

The Japanese people takes food as a form of art and even their bento (lunch boxes) are beautifully decorated. It certainly heightens the mood of the person who eats the artful food especially children. [via]

Friday, December 25, 2009

Amazing Balloon Fashion Show in China

I think of twisting balloons together as entertainment for little kids, but these photos Taken at a "Balloon Fashion Show" in China illustrate how far it has come as An art form. Some are amazingly imaginative and detailed!



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